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Star Academy was created by educators, for educators. We understand the value, responsibility, and even stress that can come with the job. That’s why we have a robust resource base of professional development and auxiliary services. We’re here to offer support and walk with you every step of the way.

Education Services

Teaching is hard work, and at-risk student education brings with it its own unique challenges. As educators ourselves, we understand the responsibility on your shoulders, and we’re here to help. 


Each Star Academy program has a specific “Education Services” to offer you support throughout the life of the program. This team will lead professional development courses, monitor your program’s success and progression, and encourage your educators. There will also be an IT specialist on your team, who will lead learning and content management systems training, then be on standby, just in case you need them.


Your educators are doing good, deep work in your community, and we’re committed to ensuring they feel connected and supported every step of the way.

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Workforce Development
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Understanding Poverty

Students from Low Socioeconomic means often lack more than financial resources: there are also emotional, physical, and academic manifestations that result from this lack of funds.


During the Understanding Poverty Professional Development Course, you’ll learn how to (re)establish student support systems and relational role models. During this training, you’ll also gain a more broad knowledge of the “rules” that often coincide with individuals and communities in this social class.

Causes & Cures

Research shows us that students in need of intervention programming often struggle with a combination of academic and behavioral challenges.


This Social-Emotional Learning course helps educators understand the typical at-risk student’s executive functioning skills (how the brain receives and processes information), and how it affects performance. They will then learn classroom management strategies that will help keep students academically and behaviorally on-track so they – and their classmates – can maintain their academic focus.

Community Service-Based Learning

As an experiential, project-based learning program, Star Academy naturally aligns with community

service-based learning.


In service-learning, students learn educational standards by addressing them in their school or community. This form of student engagement advances students’ academic growth and personal growth as well. This Professional Development course helps educators learn how to identify relevant community projects that will allow their students to develop compassion, empathy, and advocacy in a new way.

Workforce Development Alignment

An at-risk student’s journey isn’t complete when they graduate Star Academy: they’re still many years and choices away from adulthood. We want your students to have the career exposure and employability skills they need to begin their careers.


Star Academy understands how vital it is that workforce development programming is introduced to students early, and often. That’s why we offer custom-built, workforce development programming that compliments what they’re learning in and after the Academy. A more prosperous, equitable future is possible for your students, and we’d be happy to partner with your community to make it happen.


The Star Academy is a school-within-a-school 

program for

“Star Academy saved me. I went 

from a ‘barely getting by’ to a 

straight-A student.”

Jessica Crane

Star Academy Student

Berkley Co. Schools, SC

Believers & Doers

At NOLA Education, we believe every student deserves a second chance, and we’re committed to delivering innovative education solutions that help them pursue a brighter future. Our program includes all of the training, tools, and on-going support needed to implement this model in your school system.

Looking for an additional supplement to complement our program? Needing custom-built curriculum solutions? We’re “Doers” by nature – our team is ready to come alongside you and build a custom solution that meets your goals!


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