Proven Student Success

Star Academy focuses on standards-based and accountability metrics that yield life-changing results. Data from over 10 years of program use shows that 83% of Star Academy students experienced success, stayed in school, and are continuing in high school.

Results That Matter

of partners experienced improvement in standardized test scores (student and/or program results)
of partners reported student improvement that resulted in grade level promotions (1 or 2 grades/yr)
reduction in student abenteeism, when averaged across all reporting Star Academy partner programs
reduction in discipline referrals when average across al reporting Star Academy partner programs

Student-Focused, Results-Driven 

A program is only as good as its results, and for 15+ years, Star Academy’s programming has yielded impressive, measurable results for at-risk students. Star Academy was designed to serve the “whole-student,” which is why both academic and social-emotional objectives are infused in each day’s work. 

Awards and Recognition

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National Dropout Prevention Center

NDPC’s Mission

The mission of the National Dropout Prevention Center is to serve as a research center and resource network for practitioners, researchers, and policymakers to reshape school and community environments to meet the needs of youth in at-risk situations so these students receive the quality education and services necessary to succeed academically and graduate from high school.


Award Purpose

The purpose of the National Dropout Prevention Center (NDPC) Crystal Star Awards of Excellence in Dropout Recovery, Intervention, and Prevention is to identify and bring national recognition to outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions to the advancement of the mission of the NDPC.

Pickens County, SC in 2008

Pickens County Star Academy progressively improved its success rate, advancing 73%, 76%, and 90% of at-risk eighth and ninth grade students to 10th grade in one year.

Richland County, SC in 2010

Olympia Learning Center Star Academy in Richland County, SC, had an excellent record of student program completion of 73%, 82%, and 100% during its first three years.

Berkeley County, SC in 2012

Berkeley County Star Academy consistently has 89% or higher completion rates and accelerates 96% to 100% of students each year.

District of Distinction

Districts of Distinction is a national recognition program created by District Administration magazine to honor school districts that are leading the way with new ideas that work. In July of 2018, District Administration named Berkeley County, South Carolina its District of Distinction under the program category of At-risk/ELL.


Since implementing the Star Academy program, the district of approximately 33,000 students attributed the increase in its graduation rate from 67.3% to 83.5% to the program. They also reported that Star Academy students miss an average of only 3.5 days per year, while discipline infractions were reduced by 75%.

Adding Value

Accelerated Curriculum

Are you ready? Accelerate your two year curriculum into just one year by utilizing the Star Academy Program.

Full Immersion STEM/Hands-on PBL in Core

Star Academy builds student engagement in the core courses of Math, Science, ELA, and Social Studies.

SEL Training - Safe, Productive Environment

A foundational piece of the Star Academy program is the creation of a safe and productive environment for social and emotional learning.

PD / On-site Partners for Teachers

Academy Environment/Subject Expertise

Soft Skills Development

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