Star Academy Program

Star Academy is an all-encompassing, all-inclusive intervention program. The program engages even the most discouraged students. Partners consistently report dramatic academic improvement and the growth of a vital life-success contributor: hope.

Program Objectives

Star Academy is a research-backed, educator-built model that was strategically developed to address the following objectives: 

Star Academy was created to address students held back in the 8th grade, who would eventually drop out of school before getting to high school. Statistically, 90% of 8th-grade students held back just one year, would eventually drop out of school, some even before entering high school.

Educators are increasingly focused on the ninth grade as the year that determines whether a young person will move on or drop out of school. The National High School Center states that “more students fail ninth grade than any other grade in high school and a disproportionate number of students who are held back in ninth grade subsequently drop out.” Although many factors contribute to this, many schools allow students to advance to 9th grade, whether they are academically ready or not. This is especially common in states that do not start high stakes testing until high school.


There is a disconnect in our education system between high school and the real world. Recent surveys indicate that our high schools are not doing enough to make students “future-ready.” Although our students may be graduating “College-ready,” far fewer are graduating “Career-ready.” Educating our youth with Real-world skills is needed to prepare students to succeed after they graduate.

Our Program...

Engages Hard to Reach Students

Provides Expert Support for Staff

Meets State Testing Standards

Increases On-Track Grad Rates

COVID-19: Academically Disrupting a Generation

High poverty, at-risk students will most likely return to classes further behind than others. With disparities in access to technology, educational resources, and other essentials required for student at-home learning, many school districts have faced difficulties providing fundamental equity to these students in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.



The Star Academy program is a proven academic acceleration program that has shown great success in enabling students to complete two academic years in one year. Star Academy programs will offer students the opportunity to effectively resume learning that was interrupted due to the COVID-19 outbreak. This learning experience would enable students to resume and reinforce learning upon returning to school without skipping over or losing valuable content.

Peek Inside Our Classrooms!

Are you having a hard time envisioning the program on your campus? Don’t worry – each all-inclusive program includes an Academy design and furnishing package. Our Education Services team will visit your campus and help you re-imagine a pod of 5 classrooms. We’ll then create a completely transformed learning environment and arrange for all furnishings, technologies, and equipment to be delivered to your campus.


With Star Academy, you’ll be able to create a “school-within-a-school” at one of your existing campuses, then have a team of your educators implement the program, with our unwavering support.

Core Curriculum

Star Academy includes a robust curriculum for Science, Math, English Language Arts, and Social Studies that meets or exceeds standardized-tested knowledge. There is also an R&D Lab space, which will be used as a “flex space” for large collaborative, and even community projects.


All proprietary course curriculum is infused with innovative, hands-on learning models, and multi-media experiences.

Learning & Content Managment

Star Academy is a program built for educators by educators. We understand that Learning Management Systems and Content Management Systems can “make or break” a classroom’s efficiency and effectiveness. The Education Services team understands that these systems need to be easy to operate, so educators can “teach more and stress less.” That’s why Star Academy’s program includes fully-equipped Learning Management Systems and Content Management systems for the whole year. These programs and their use is also fully backed by our IT Team, which offers free tech support 362 days a year.

All Equipment & Materials

Star Academy is one of the only programs in the nation that supplies all student computers, project equipment, and even custom-designed workstations. That’s right: we completely transform a designated area of your campus into a custom-fit academy space that aligns with the program’s curriculum. In preparation for your program’s roll-out, our Education Services team will create a learning environment plan that suits your facility, then acquire the equipment and furnishings needed to bring it to life!

Career + Workforce Development

Star Academy isn’t just concerned about your students’ success while they’re in the program: we want to expose them to career paths that spark excitement and interest for their bright futures! This program exposes students to 50+ careers during the course of one school year.

The Star Academy program is an excellent career and workforce development gateway program. It can also be custom-tailored to your school system’s defined career path education plans and workforce development programming. We would love to visit with you about what complimentary workforce development programming could look like for your school system!

Professional Development

Insightful, empowering, and thorough Professional Development services are a cornerstone of Star Academy’s success. As a program partner, you will have a dedicated Education Services team that leads targeted training on program implementation, social-emotional classroom management, and how to address critical contributors to the at-risk student experience. Your educators can increase their impact, effectiveness, and overall career satisfaction, just as other program educators have across the nation.

Complete Curriculum and Support Services

The Star Academy program is designed to be a comprehensive school-within-a-school. Five classrooms are used for Math, Science, ELA, Social Studies and R&D Lab.

  • 5 Classrooms Transformed
  • Re-envisioned Workspace
  • Star Academy offers the only full-immersion PBL environment where students working full time on STEM/hands-on projects can earn H.S. Carnegie Units in the 4 core subject areas.

    The R&D Lab is a multipurpose room dedicated to cross-curricular projects, technology integration opportunities, and project/product research and solution designs. Incorporation of the Engineering and Design processes is an integral part of our Living Curriculum and Service Learning Units.

    Creating engagement through exploration and experiential learning in a student-centered environment defines the zSpace learning experience. zSpace encourages students to inquire, take risks, solve problems, and apply their learning while building confidence and expanding interest in STEM and STEM careers.


    Understanding the Challenges

    Understanding the challenges that today’s at-risk students face is imperative to re-engage and guide them back towards academic success and independence.

    The traditional classroom environment simply does not engage students. As many studies show, engagement is one of the biggest contributors to student success.

    Students who cannot envision the possibility of their own successful lives, do not see the importance of education. Students need to see what their “Future Story” could be, what they could Be, what they could Do and the path they would need to follow to get there.

    The impact of Poverty on Education is also well known. For example dropout rates of 16 to 24 year-old students who come from low income families are seven times more likely to drop out than those from families with higher incomes.

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