Curriculum-Based Solutions

The Star Academy program is designed to be a comprehensive school-within-a-school. Five classrooms are used for Math, Science, ELA, Social Studies and R&D Lab.

Curriculum-Based Solutions

Full-Immersion Project-Based Learning for Core Subjects

Star Academy offers the only full-immersion PBL environment where students working full time on STEM/hands-on projects can earn H.S. Carnegie Units in the 4 core subject areas


One-to-one computer-based instruction, delivered through ITC. Each Individualized Prescribed Lesson addresses a core math standard. Lessons are assigned by the teacher and based on a diagnostic assessment.

Teacher-directed, small group, and team-based activities that reinforce understanding of math concepts through hands-on, real-world activities.

Student-managed paired learning experiences that teach math concepts through a real-world, hands-on approach that encourages important teamwork and communication skills. 

Student-managed, collaborative and paired activities designed to help connect mathematical practices to content through an exploration of Essential Questions. 


Modules – Student-managed, paired learning experiences that teach science standards to concepts through a real-world, hands-on approach that encourages important teamwork and communication skills. 

Unique program scope and sequence designed to introduce students to the foundational concepts of inquiry-based learning and the scientific process. This process is designed around activities that are aligned with core content for Earth, physical, and life science that engages students in core science concepts in a real-world learning environment but also teaches them the 21st-century skills.

Social Studies

TCI is a K-12 publishing company that creates science and social studies curriculum that enables educators to engage all students in a diverse classroom. TCI was started by teachers, for teachers. Every day, we aim to make teaching easier, learning more impactful, and lessons that push the envelope.


Interactive social studies textbooks help you as a teacher to get more out of your classroom lessons and will be able to engage our students more than ever before. With the right social studies curriculum, you’ll not only meet state standards, but you’ll help students to get a better grasp on how the country and the world was shaped over centuries at a time.


Voyager Sopris is committed to partnering with school districts to meet and surpass their goals for student achievement. The suite of instructional and service solutions provided is not only research based, but also evidence based—proven to increase student achievement and educator effectiveness.

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