Culture Of Achievement

Every Star Academy seeks to develop and sustain a school-wide Culture of Achievement. Star Academy’s two-part professional development series helps teachers support student achievement in a safe, happy, and productive environment.



The goals of the Star Academy Program are to support at-risk students at multiple levels.

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The award-winning Star Academy Program is a school-within-a-school that ensures success for at-risk students and disengaged learners. 

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The Star Academy has proven effective in achieving its mission, is transportable to new locations with differing demographics, and is sustainable.

Star Academy – Dropout Intervention

Student Performance

Managing Student Behavior

In this professional development program, educators determine specific school and classroom behavioral expectations for students and create procedures that will result in a productive learning environment. Educators are provided with tools to help teach students to become self-regulated and respectful of learning, people, and property.

Goal Focused Communication

This program works with teachers to develop a set of structured communication skills that will be practiced over the course of the year. This structured communication encourages students to focus on achievement by:

  • Focusing on personal career, school/academy, class-room goals
  • Identifying relevance for their own learning
  • Taking responsibility for their own learning
  • Employing a sound protocol for achieving goals, solving problems, and learning new things

Proven Success

83% of participants experienced success, stayed in school, and are continuing in high school.

This information is self-reported by 107 program cohorts from 2005-2016 and combined into a comprehensive data set. Based on stabilized enrollment, 83% of the participants completed the program. Of those, 74% (2,668) accelerated two grade levels; 22% (801) advanced one grade; and 3% (116) were retained in their original grade. Promotion/retention data is based on ending enrollment.


The Star Academy Program has been implemented in more than 38 middle and high schools across the country. States include Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, New Jersey, South Carolina, and Texas. Efforts are underway in a number of other states to implement even more Star Academy Programs.

Award-Winning Program

2008, 2010, and 2012 Crystal Star Award – awarded to Pickens County, SC; Richland County, SC; and Berkeley County, SC, Star Academy Programs for their exemplary practices, including high success rates.

Pickens County Star Academy progressively improved its success rate, advancing 73%, 76%, and 90% of overage, at-risk eighth- and ninth-grade students to 10th grade in one year. Olympia Learning Center Star Academy in Richland County, SC, had an excellent record of student program completion of 73%, 82%, and 100% during its first three years. Berkeley County Star Academy consistently has 89% or higher completion rates and accelerates 96% to 100% of students each year.

National Dropout Prevention Network 

The National Dropout Prevention Center’s Model Programs provides proven interventions for replication and inclusion in dropout prevention and school improvement grants. Proposals that replicate NDPC Model Programs are competitive and have high likelihood of achieving desired student outcomes. Visit the Star Academy Model Program.

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