Blytheville Middle School Recognizes Successes at Ribbon Cutting Event of Star Academy Program

Blytheville, AR – May 18, 2023 – The Blytheville School District celebrated the inaugural year of their Star Academy program with a Ribbon Cutting and Open House celebration on Thursday, May 18th at Blytheville Middle School. Local, state, and community leaders attended the event to learn more about the program and share in the successes of BMS students.

Star Academy is a dynamic STEM-driven, hands-on program proven to advance and inspire students through its project-based and technology-driven curriculum. Through their courses within the program, students can work both independently and collaboratively to develop academic, leadership, and employability skills. Star Academy reinforces learning by tying lessons back to real-world scenarios and careers that students might experience outside of the classroom.

In her welcome, Superintendent Dr. Veronica Perkins shared with guests, “In Blytheville, we talk about being ‘bridge builders’ and we are building bridges to the possibilities for students’ futures.” She discussed the impact of the hands-on learning initiatives that Star Academy incorporates into the classroom environment.

“As students think about careers and future aspirations, we want them to think about the skill sets that they need to be prepared. When we do this kind of intentional exploration, we can ensure that students are career or college, or workplace ready.” Within the Star Academy program, students are exposed to over 100+ careers and learn how their lessons can be applied to real-world experiences.

The program also included recognition of Blytheville Middle School Star Academy’s Student of the Year, Redyadh “Rocky” Alkayfee, who shared his insights and how Star Academy has impacted his learning experience. “Star Academy has helped me to prepare for high school and has helped me to become a better thinker and learn to work with others.” Rocky has met the qualifications and completed the necessary steps to compete for the title of Star Academy National Student of the Year.

As part of the event, attendees also had a chance to tour Star Academy classrooms and see the learning in action. Student ambassadors chosen to assist the tours led guests through their classrooms and shared their experiences of the past year in the program.