About Us

Star Academy is a product of NOLA Education, an education innovation company. We’re a team of educators, workforce development champions, and business professionals dedicated to making the at-risk student experience brighter and more equitable. 


A 5-Star Experience

Our Story

Star Academy was developed by a team of expert educators and researchers in 2005, in response to the nation’s rising at-risk student population. This…

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NOLA Education’s Mission is to create, discover and deliver innovative and effective educational experiences that help learners succeed in school and life.







Our values aren’t office decor: they’re equalizing standards each NOLA team member is held accountable for.


NOLA Education Team

CEOJohn Alvendia

VP EducationVirginia Robinson

VP EducationJay Wehrer

VP TechnologyManna Justin

Chief Gov. Relations Dan Cooper

VP Business Dev Robin Mussa

Curriculum Design Jeff Hildebrandt

Education Curriculum Courtney Fangue

Sales & Marketing Sam Zimmer

Educational Support and SEL SpecialistKaren Moore

Education Support and Data Specialist Heidi Broussard